Caribbean Cooking Class


Learn all about Caribbean flavors while visiting Curaçao

Sign up to learn about the flavors and techniques of Caribbean cooking in a hands-on Caribbean cooking class on Curaçao. In this class you get to see, taste and cook with the colorful and flavorful Caribbean ingredients. While this class is aimed to teach tourists more about the local cuisine, it is also a great way for locals to learn new ways to use otherwise well-known ingredients.

Class starts with coffee, a tasting of various local ingredients and tips & tricks from the chef. Under Helmi’s supervision a menu consisting of both traditional as well as modern Caribbean dishes is prepared. The class ends with a delicious lunch on the porch and a well-deserved glass of wine.

When: see the monthly schedule

Where: Helmi Smeulder’s Kitchen, Djonora Marthaweg 1, Mahaai, Curaçao

Price: US$ 110,= (incl. lunch & drinks) (15% discount for locals)