Caribbean recipes

Caribbean Niçoise Salad

Indulge yourself in the flavors of the region with these Caribbean recipes. From jerk chicken to fried fish. This is a selection of the best Caribbean dishes from my cookbooks and magazines.

Mango Jam

The mango season is around the corner, which means: mango jam. Soon the trees will be filled again with sweet, juicy mangoes, and lot's of them. Let's make sure we won't [...]

Yuca Chips

Yuca chips or cassava chips are the perfect Caribbean chip. In our humid Caribbean climate, most homemade vegetable chips tend to get soggy shortly after making them. Yuca chips however stay [...]

Banana Bread

These days it's especially important not to let any food go to waste. That's why I like to share this recipe for banana bread, which is a delicious way to use [...]


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