When you say Curaçao, you say sun, beach and crystal blue water right? But let me tell you, the island has so much more to offer! After living, cooking and eating on Curaçao for almost 25 years, I am considering myself quite the expert. An expert that is happy to share her top 5 things to do for foodies with you. So next time you visit the island, you can take your nicely tanned bum of that beach bed and explore the culinary side of the island like a pro. You can thank me later!

Top 5 things to do on Curaçao for Foodies

1. Food Walk with Dundu Tours

Our multicultural society is reflected in a divers cuisine. Explore the tastiest part of our culture during a walking tour with Jacqueline Presentacion of Dundu Tours. The Local Food Walk takes place in the trendy Ser’i Otrobanda district. The combination of art, murals, history and a few food stops is a great way to explore this part of Willemstad, while enjoying authentic local dishes prepared by the friendly people of the neighborhood. Visit the website for more information about the Local Food Tour and other tour options.

Things to do on Curacao

2. Merkado Fresku

What an excitement as the last Saturday of the month approaches and it’s time for the Merkado Fresku (Fresh Market)! This is a farmers market organized by two enthusiastic ladies that brings fresh, locally produced, artisanal products and their vendors together at Hòfi Kalabash. Covered by the shade of indigenous fruit trees, it is the perfect setting to buy local produce and spend a relaxed Saturday morning. 

One of the highlights of the market is the culinary corner where vendors offer delicious snacks, preserves, soups, popsicles, specialty foods, vegan cheeses, eco wines and juices, desserts, breads and much more. Enjoy there with fellow foodies or order take-out. Open every last Saturday of the month from 8AM until 1PM. 

3. Caribbean Cooking Class

Sorry for this, but I hope you’ll allow me to put my very own Caribbean Cooking class on this shortlist. Why? Because I don’t want you to miss out!

Sign up to learn about the flavors and techniques of Caribbean cooking in my hands-on cooking class. In this class you get to see, taste and cook with colorful and flavorful Caribbean ingredients. While this class is aimed to teach tourists more about the local cuisine, it is also a great way for locals to learn new ways to use otherwise well-known ingredients.

Class starts with a tasting of various local ingredients and I’ll be sharing a few of my tips & tricks. Together we’ll prepare a menu consisting of both traditional as well as modern Caribbean dishes. The class ends with a delicious lunch on the porch and a well-deserved glass of wine (or two). Classes take place a couple of times a month. You can find the schedule here.

4. Audiotour Culi Walk by Pocket Guide Curaçao

You can also discover the trendy Otrobanda district with an audiotour from Pocket Guide Curaçao. Besides their regular tour, they also offer a special Culi Walk, an audiotour combined with a variety of bites and drinks from local vendors. While you explore this historic district packed with colorful buildings, lots of history and contemporary street art, you get to enjoy delicious local bites and drinks at six culinary stops.

5. Sunday Market at Barber

Definitely worth setting your alarm for on a Sunday morning, is the food market in Barber. It’s an open-air canteen where the locals gather for a chat, delicious sòpi (soup), stobá (pot roast), Johnny cakes (fried bread with cheese or salted cod) and repa di pampuna (pumpkin pancakes). You can also buy fresh fruit and vegetables, herbal plants and other local products such as stropi di kalbas, a syrup made from gourd that is used as a cough medicine. If you get there early, you can see the butchers at work slaughtering the goats through the windows of the butcher rooms. Every Sunday morning from 7AM to 11AM at the Kaminda Próspero “Popo” Rojer in Barber.

More insider tips for Curaçao

You can find more insider tips to explore the island in my food & lifestyle magazine Island Vibes. The latest edition came out in June 2023 and is available in stores on Curaçao and Bonaire and also in the Netherlands. Please note that it’s written in Dutch. You can order earlier issues 1, 2, 3 (all in English) and 4 (in Dutch) via my webshop or when you live in the Netherlands via magvilla.nl.