Looking for the best beaches on Curaçao? With 38 beaches in total, Curaçao has plenty of choice for those seeking vitamin D (and a little Sea). You’ll find a wide variety of beaches: from white and sandy filled with palm trees to rocky hidden gems. Like every local, I have my favorites. When visiting Curaçao, these are the best beaches you can’t miss out on.

Best beaches on Curaçao: Banda Ariba vs Banda Abou

When it comes down to beaches, Curaçao can roughly be divided into two areas: Banda Ariba (east side of the Juliana Bridge) and Banda Abou (West side of the Juliana Bridge). Banda Ariba is packed with beach resorts like Sandals, Papagayo and Avila. It’s also home to the popular beach clubs Zanzibar and Madero where you can swim, drink, party and repeat. These beach clubs are located alongside Mambo beach and Jan Thiel Beach. 

If you’re looking for some peace and quiet, you should visit Banda Abou. This area is loved by locals, and for good reason. Banda Abou has over 20 beaches characterized by clear blue waters and some amazing marine life. Most of these beaches are public, so you can visit them without paying for entry. Keep in mind that these beaches sometimes contain little to no facilities. Below you’ll find my insider’s take on my favorite top 10. Chill modus on!

Top 10 best beaches on Curaçao

1. Kleine Knip

Kleine Knip, or Playa Kenepa Chikí, is a little less known than its big brother Kenepa Grandi – but certainly not less beautiful. Here you’ll find crystal clear waters and pearly white sand. Don’t forget to bring your snorkel gear: this beach has some amazing flora and fauna to be explored underwater. If you go on a Sunday you’ll share this beach with a lot of local families that come here to enjoy a nice beach BBQ.

2. Playa Lagun

This beach is filled with colorful fishing boats. Located between two big limestone cliffs, this little bay looks like a funnel that leads to the ocean. If you’re lucky you can spot some amazing fish and turtles in these clear waters. Not a big fan of snorkelling? The cliffs are filled with iguanas. These impressive local lizards are completely harmless and great swimmers. So don’t be surprised if you see them jumping into the water.

3. Kokomo

When looking for top beaches in Curaçao that are less known: Kokomo is the way to go. This beach is located just 15 minutes from Willemstad. Think comfy sunbeds, nice music and good food. It’s also one of my favorite spots for snorkeling. This beach is also known amongst partygoers: once a month the island’s famous full moon party is hosted at Kokomo beach.

4. Daaibooi

Hidden between the popular Porto Mari Beach and Karakter, and a favorite among locals on Sundays, when BBQ’s and domino are brought along for a relaxing afternoon on the beach with friends and family. While it’s getting more popular with tourists these days, you’ll still get to enjoy the local beach vibe.

5. Karakter 

Situated on the luxurious Coral Estate property, there is a small but relaxing beach overlooking the crystal blue waters. The entrance is free with consumption (good thing we love consuming) and there’s a choice of loungers, beds, hammocks and bean bags. Bonus points: there’s a beautiful spa located on the same premises, so try to squeeze in a little massage between all the swimming and sunbathing.

6. Kokos

The hidden gem at the popular and often crowded Jan Thiel Beach. Tucked away at the end of the beach, with very comfortable beach beds, tasty food and a surfers vibe.

7. Brass Boer Beach

New on my list, for when you want to treat yourself to a day of luxurious beaching. Relax in the shade of one of the palapa’s or on a comfy beach bed. Make sure to make a reservation for lunch in the Brass Boer restaurant. You won’t regret it! Located at the Blue Bay Beach Resort.

8. Zest

An all-time favorite at the popular Jan Thiel Beach. With stylish loungebeds, plenty of food options and service on the beach.  It’s the place to see and be seen.

9. Parasasa Beach

A public beach right next to the Marriott hotel. Great for an early morning swim or a sundowner at the end of the day. There’s a few picnic tables and a small shop with drinks, snacks and a toilet. The place to go with friends to enjoy one of the island’s beautiful sunsets.

10. Klein Curaçao

When visiting Curaçao, make sure to book a day-trip to this uninhabited island with its pristine white-sanded beach and turquoise water. Paradise does exist! There’s several tour operators that are happy to bring you there. Our favorites are Miss Ann Boattrips and Blue Finn Charters.

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