Attention all chefs, food enthusiasts and culinary adventurers! Meneer is coming back!

While I’m relaxing and sipping coconuts somewhere in the south of Panama, Meneer Wateetons is busy collecting meat grinders, sausage stuffers, casings, scoby’s, smoking guns, air locks – and presumably some very large suitcases – for his upcoming trip to Curaçao. I am delighted that Meneer is coming back to the island to take over the reign in my kitchen from March 4 until March 11!

Meneer Wateetons is a fermentation specialist, sausage maker and the author of nine cookbooks. He visited the island for the first time in 2017, when we spent a week hunting, sausage making, fishing, drinking, smoking (food) and fermenting. Next month Meneer is back to share more of his culinary wisdom during four specialty workshops that you don’t want to miss!

MONDAY MARCH 4 & 11: Fermentation for Chefs 

WEDNESDAY MARCH 6: Vegetable Fermentation

FRIDAY MARCH 8: Sausage Making

SATURDAY MARCH 9: Nose-to-Tail


Are you curious about the art of sausage making? Intrigued by the magic of fermentation? Eager to embrace the nose-to-tail philosophy of cooking? Or are you a chef looking to extend your culinary repertoire and techniques? Then these workshops are for you! Led by Meneer Wateetons, acclaimed for his culinary expertise and quirky charm, each workshop promises to be an enriching and unforgettable experience.

You can check the events agenda for more information about the workshops, dates, times and prices.

Reserve your spot today and expand your culinary horizon! Reservations can be made by sending an e-mail to: Seats are limited!